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Watch A Play

The Space Theatre Ensemble, Goa, Presents Athol Fugard’s Famous antiapartheid play, The Island. Inspired by a true story, the play revolves around two protagonists, John and Winston, who are prisoners. Feature Today in Pune Mirror.

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Toastmasters Club Of Pune South

The TM path in public speaking beings with an ice break speech, which is usually about one’s own life journey, says Mayank Naidu (38), TM’s district marketing manager. Feature Today in Pune Mirror.

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Boondo Se Baatein

This weekend attend a poetry reading meet theemed on the emotions kindled by the monsoon. The rain is a powerful muse for bards, troubadours and artists. It evokes a range of feelings and imagery. Theatre practitioner Naresh Gund wanted to explore all these shades of the monsoon, which prompted him to design and direct ‘Boondon

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Talk on wild life photograph

Learn how to bring a forest alive with your camera at this talk by wildlife photographer Sanjay Danait. One may learn all about camera, angles, and composition, but nothing can prepare you for shooting in the wild. While instagram may make one believe that shooting a tiger, or any other wild animal is child’s play,

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Attend a Talk

Attend A Talk on wildlife photography by D Sanjay. Sanjay has been a wildfile photographer for many years now, and his photos have be published in renowned publications. Feature Today in Pune Mirror.

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Tales & Twists

Getting kids to read stories about science is a great way to expand their knowledge while keeping them engaged. Feature Today in Pune Mirror.

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Tales & Twists

As part of Tales and Twists series, Raah – A Literacy & Cultural Centre at LullaNagar will host Scientific Stories. Children will get to read stories on science and expand their knowledge.

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Kids Movie

Want to spent some quality time with your child? Take them to watch Inside Out, an Animated film. The 2015 hit movie revolves around a young girl, Riley Andersen, and her emotions. Featured Today in Pune Mirror.

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Attend a concert

Add a musical touch to your weekend at this concert by Kanishk Seth Trio, a Mumbai- based – Sufi – Electronic band. Feature Today in Pune Mirror.

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Art Exhibition

Visit an exhibition of pottery By Neelima Tiwari. She has a number of paintings to her credit and had created beautiful decorative bottles and pots as well. Feature Today in Pune Mirror.

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A stage for woman

Two stories by women writers that are set decades apart show how social norms continue to be drive by gender bias. Feature Today in Pune Mirror.

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